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Mini Quadcopter 4K Camera Drone

Mini FIMI X8

The Mini Quadcopter features a 250g-class ultralight & foldable design. The palm-sized FIMI X8 lets you feel free to fly, wherever you are. Use its multiple shooting modes to capture unique moments from the sky!

The Mini Quadcopter has Two Batteries. The weight of the drone with the Standard Battery is 258g approx. The weight of the drone with the Pro Battery is 245g approx.

A newly upgraded TDMA image transmission system ensures stabler transmissions & optimized sensitivity. With an 8KM transmission range, the landscape is always with you. The further you can fly, the farther you can see.

The Mini Quadcopter is Small but powerful. With 30 minutes of battery life, the FIMI X8 lets you create the blockbuster of your dreams.

*Equipped with the Standard Battery, the drone can fly up to 30 minutes. (in a windless environment and at a speed of 6m/s)

*Equipped with the Pro Battery, the drone can fly up to 35 minutes. (in windless environment and at a speed of 6m/s)

The Type-C charging port on the battery allows for 9V/3A rapid charging. Charge your backup batteries without a hassle while flying the drone.

The Mini Quadcopter combines a lightweight 3-axis mechanical gimbal with the latest professional control algorithm for a much better accuracy of 0.005°. Excellent performance means stable recording!

The camera features 4K/30fps video & a highly dynamic range, giving you a clearer footage. Videos are shot in the H.265/HEVC codec, with F-log & DNG image format supported. Enjoy a professional-grade visual experience, whether you are sending a video to a friend or editing your next blockbuster.

The drone can connect to your mobile phone via Wi-Fi even without the remote controller. The high bandwidth, low latency, & strong anti-interference 5.8GHz high-frequency signal creates up to 100m of real-time HD image transmission. Quickly record any beautiful moment you don’t want to miss.

With its small magnetic gap motors & high-efficiency silent propellers, the FIMI X8 can resist Level 5 winds, offering a better thrust-to-weight ratio & faster response speed. Experience a seamless flight whether you are on top of a windy mountain or walking along a beach. The handy remote controller is light & easy to carry. The upgraded receiver lets you enjoy stabler image transmission.

The Mini Quadcopter is Powered by AI technology, which means the drone can always precisely lock on a target. With a single tap, take cinematic shots with the FIMI X8. One tap creates awesome panoramic pictures. The powerful flight plan shooting function is not only designed for path planning, but also for task planning.

The FIMI X8, with its professional imaging & flight control system, allows you to create high-quality & stable time-lapse videos. Share live aerial videos with friends via social platforms.

The Mini Quadcopter is Powered by the HI silicon professional AI algorithm for noise reduction. The FIMI X8 preserves vivid details beyond what can be detected by the eyes. Just imagine taking your drone to explore colorful nighttime scenes!

With 3x digital zoom, GPS positioning, light weight & 8km transmission, the FIMI X8 will be a great assistant in search & rescue task.

With its totally redesigned UI, the app is more intuitive to use. It offers a plug-&-play feature connecting the remote & your mobile device via the OTG cable, so there are no more complicated settings.

The FIMI X8 utilizes the downside camera to recognize the launch pad & it can land right on it. The Mini Quadcopter has Multiple Safety Functions for a Safe Flight every time. A variety of intelligent safety functions ensures a safe flight at all times.



Video Maximum Resolution[Pixel X Pixel]


Camera Features

4K HD Video Recording,

Sensor Size


Aircraft Operating Frequency


FPV Operration


Main Rotor Diameter

Propeller Size 4.7cm


APP Controller, Remote Control, Wi-Fi Connection


12 million

Aerial Photography


Control Channels

10 Channels

Optical Zoom

Fixed Focus



APP Supported Languages

Spanish, Korean, Brazilian Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Russian



Drone Standard Battery Weight

around 258g

Drone Pro Battery Weight


Drone Standard Battery Flight Time


Drone Pro Battery Flight Time


Suitable Altitude




Brand Name



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