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Mini Hummingbird Box Bluetooth Speaker

The Hummingbird Speaker is the world’s smallest & most versatile speaker. The Hummingbird Speaker allows you to listen to music, follow podcasts, have individual phone conversations or conference calls, & even enjoy an amazing experience of the sound of your games, videos or films played on your device. It works like a Hummingbird, small but powerful. It delivers a high sound volume, being 4 to 5 times louder than the average cell phone speakers & it allows you to personalize the tone quality.

Cabinet Material


Audio Crossover

Full-Range, Two-Way



Power Source

Battery, USB

Input Power(W)

<25 W

Display Screen


Support Memory Card


Built-In Microphone




Personal Assistant


Output Power


Brand Name


35 reviews for Mini Hummingbird Box Bluetooth Speaker

  1. A***o

    The device is very cute – I really liked the design but had no chance to listen how it works. The shipping was great though.

  2. J***z

    The only problem is that the manual is only in xino

  3. M***a

    I am very satisfied with the product. Although the quality of sound is not very good, the effect of bone conduction is incredible.

  4. A***v

    It is a good thing. A little carefully collected. As a pampering is fine, because This is not a serious tool. The wall is also possible, but of course the power is too small, heard quite well, especially probably in panels, if the whole day neighbors, and so will fit. Sound a little rattles with an increase in volume, not enough’s strength Table Rock smoothly. But I like as a toy.

  5. E***s

    For that price, You can buy better sound mini speaker then this. I wanted to try it, sound depends by where i put speaker on. Speaker are not so loud as in videos.

  6. R***A

    It sounds loose and distorts quite a bit.

  7. N***o

    I don’t have the words for this product, it’s magnificent, excellent, I really recommend it, I was impressed

  8. AliExpress Shopper

    it’s okay

  9. f***i

    Well being. Small desktop sound is greatly well men.

  10. T***p

    The speaker isn’t the best quality and distorts at any volume, fun concept but wasn’t what I was expecting

  11. O***n

    The seller waited for the last moment to send the item or an additional 1 month period

  12. P***r

    Fast delivery… Great bluetooth speaker…i recommend

  13. s***o

    Try absolutely a device single

  14. K***v

    seemed like there was a problem with the shipping beacause i received it half a month later but im very pleased with the product !

  15. C***i

    Good Seller

  16. P***s

    You can’t t get good quality from small speaker. Nonsense. It’s a toy for my 8 years old daughter. Not for adult 😀

  17. g***r

    Small and compact

  18. a***i

    awsome product. very well crafted. nice and heavy made outta aluminum I think. I sound just as great. foray effect get 2 !

  19. S***z

    Excellent quality and sound

  20. AliExpress Shopper


  21. f***a

    Not worth

  22. AliExpress Shopper

    Received, quite fast delivery. Sound quality is so so, mostly depend on the surface. But it is fun to play with. More small and light than I expected. Thank you!

  23. c***o

    I arrive faster than expected, the product of very good quality, you need to know which surfaces to place it on to make the sound good

  24. E***v

    SUPER !!!!

  25. s***z

    In the videos I saw it looked and listened very loud and when I tried it I was disappointed it doesn’t sound much and you hear cascado I don’t recommend garbage

  26. D***s

    I like it! very small!

  27. S***t

    His way. Depending on the surface the sound is cleaner but not very powerful also missing information on the record

  28. L***M

    It’s perfect, small but playful. He arrived on time. It’s best to look for hollow places to make it sound more. Delighted with the product

  29. H***n

    I won’t recommend anybody to buy this speaker

  30. AliExpress Shopper


  31. C***s


  32. AliExpress Shopper

    very very good will definitely buy another

  33. F***r

    Good sound ideal for people too little space have to a stereo installation put down

  34. h***i


  35. N***g

    A good toy for acquaintance, but useless ..

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