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Retro 83,000+ Games Super Console

Plug and play, no need to download 50000+/56000+/62,000+ games are already built-in, you can also add more games yourself. Contains 50 game series, also supports adding more emulators. 83000+ game free download resources. Multilingual system: The latest generation of game consoles is available to buyers around the world and is designed in multiple languages. The system supports 26 languages including English, French, Korean, Spanish, Polish, Russian, & Japanese. Support HD Output: This retro game console supports high-definition connection, (1080/720p) high-definition picture quality, no longer have to worry about poor picture quality affecting the gaming experience! He can make you more immersed in the game world! The host supports high-definition input monitors, projectors, TVs, PCs, etc. Support Multiplayer Games: With 4USB ports, equipped with dual 2.4G wireless controllers, Support four people to play online games at the same time, plug & play, you can enjoy gaming with your family at any time. Multiple Plug Types are Available: AU/EU/UK/US)We will choose the appropriate plug type according to your order address country.

Main features:

◆The newly upgraded Super Console X Cube supports 50+ emulators, running PSP/DC/PS1/N64/NEOGEO/MAME/NES, etc. perfectly and smoothly, and you can add games by yourself.
◆Equipped with 64G/128G/256G game card, pre-installed 50000+/56000+/62000+ games,
◆Equipped with an upgraded version of S905 chip, 64bit 4-core CPU, 5-core Mali-450 graphics processor, support 4K@60fps video hard decoding and HDR processing.
◆ 21000+3D games
◆ The multi-language system, supporting 20+ languages worldwide
◆Support to connect to the network via LAN interface or WIFI.
◆With 4 USB ports, support multiple people to play at the same time, up to 5 people
◆ Support high-definition connection, suitable for (1080/720p), high-definition picture quality
◆The heat dissipation hole design on the back of the machine makes the heat dissipation more even.
◆ We welcome drop shippers from all over the world, you can contact our online customer service and we will provide you with long-term preferential prices and fast shipping services.

We will provide 256G game resources for free. The number of games is 83,000+games. You can download these games for free and download them to your console. If to obtain these game resources, please contact us. Note: Do not plug or unplug the handle while the power is on!

Supporting Language

Japanese, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, English, Swedish, Polish, Greek, Turkish, Korean, Dutch, Latin American Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Ukrainiaan




64Bit 4CORE 1.5Hz


4-core Mali-450 /4K@60fps




Upgrade S905 Chip


Support LAN and WiFi


support 50+ emulators, For PSP/DC/PS1/N64/NEOGEO etc.


Support 20+ Languages for Switch


HD Output


62000+ games / 21000+3D games

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