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DIY Smart Robot Car

This is a self-building programmable code smart car kit with an ATMEGA328P chip for Arduino UNO R3 Circuit Board. It is designed for the starter who are using learning & programming lessons or DIY electronic programmable kit lovers. We have the manual & program code to provide to you.

There are two functions after you flash our code into the board.

Function 1: Ultrasonic obstacle avoidance function

Function 2: Line-following function


Main control board: For Arduino UNO

Programming software: For Arduino IDE Mind+

Programming language: CC++, graphical programming

Car chassis: Acrylic

Motor voltage range: 1-6V

Motor shaft length:10mm

Speed: 6.0V 100rpm / min

Drive mode: Motor control driven by L298N

Control method: Programming control

Power supply: Can be connected to external voltage 6~9V

Kits Contain:

2 X Acrylic transparent 4-wheel trolley bottom plate


1 X SG90 180° Servo/Servo

1 X Shield for UNO R3

1 X L298N Motor Driver Module

1 X Four-way tracking module

1 X 18650 with switch with four wires battery box

1 X 5V DC geared motor (with wheel welding wire)

1 X Ultrasonic sensor module with crystal HC-SR04

1 X Ultrasonic transparent bracket

1 X Ultrasonic transparent bracket

8 X Fixing bracket (acrylic transparent)

4 X Tachymeter disc (black)

14 X M3*30 copper column

2 X M3*15 copper column

14 X Female to female Dupont line 30cm

10 X Female to female Dupont line 10cm

5 X Female to female Dupont line 20cm

a few screws

There are mainly four modules:

1. Infrared signal detection module

2. Main control module

3. Motor drive module

4. Ultrasonic sensor module

Operating Temperature

International Standard



Power supply

2 Removable 18650 Lithium Batteries Not Included


Infrared Sensor (4-Channels), Ultrasonic Module (HC-SR04)


DC Geared Motor

Motor drive

L298N Module

Chassis material


Brand Name



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